The General Rules and Laws of Cricket shall apply with the following exceptions:

1.     Team numbers

Each team shall comprise of 11 players. If a team has less than 11 players then both sides should attempt to find a mutually agreeable number of players to make the match as even as possible, or to support the opposition by providing fielders as appropriate. Matches can take place with a minimum of 8 players.

2.     Player Eligibility

In exceptional circumstances, to ensure that teams have enough players to make a game, teams can “borrow” players from other HJL affiliated clubs. Team managers should be informed in advance, but every effort should be made to ensure that matches take place as scheduled.

3.     Balls should be:

U15: 4¾ oz Standard Junior cricket ball , or 5oz cricket ball if available.
Pink balls must be used in hardball fixtures played during the first two weeks of the League season.

4.     Match duration

Each game shall consist of one innings per side. Each innings shall be of 20 overs duration (or a reduced number of overs if necessary). Wides and no balls will score two penalty runs but no extra ball will be bowled. This includes the last over of each innings.

5.     Pitch length should be:

U15: 22 yards

6.     Batting

For U15 matches when a batsman reaches the personal total of 30 runs she must retire but can return at the fall of the last wicket. The batsman may remain at the wicket if there is only 1 wicket left to fall and they may bat on until overs are completed, or they, or the other batsman is dismissed.

7.     Bowling

No player shall bowl more than 4 overs in a 20 over game. Wicket keepers may bowl under the normal overs rule.

8.     Minimum distance for fielders

In ALL matches no fielder, except the wicket keeper, shall be allowed to field nearer than 11 yards, measured from the striker’s middle stump.

9.     League Points

Bonus Points for losing teams

Bowling: 1 point for every wicket taken, if a side is bowled out then 10 points scored. (this ensures max points when bowling out teams with less than 11 players).

Batting: 1 point for every 10 runs scored - Max 10.