Coaches/Managers/Parents Setting Fields

One issue which continues to cause concern is Coaches/managers/Parents setting and changing field positions.

Rule 12 of the ECB Non-First Class rules and Regulations 2011 states: 
Coaching shall not be permitted from the sidelines during a match. In such an event, the umpire shall request the coach/manager/parent spectator to stop. If this persists, the umpire shall have the power to warn the offending team captain and manager that the matter will be reported to the County Board/ECB. 

The HJL Committee recognises that for younger age groups (U9/U10/U11) a captain may need some degree of help when setting a field. This may also be the case in some B League matches as these are still regarded as a learning experience. In order to keep this within the bounds of acceptability during a game the following rules should be applied. 

  • In U12 - U17 A matches no Coach/Manager/Parent or Umpire should interfere in field setting unless there is a safety issue. Any instruction should take place before the game or in the interval between innings.

For all other games:

  • A discussion of what is acceptable should occur in the pre-match meeting (at the toss) between managers/coaches and umpires. It is the expectation of The League Committee that the Team Officials on the day will come to an equitable, sensible and fair agreement. Any subsequent dispute will be regarded as a failure on behalf of both Clubs to discharge their responsibilities with respect to this issue.
  • Any advice on setting a field should be done in the form of a question to the captain helping him or her to learn rather than the adult taking charge and making the field changes themselves. 

Repeated violation of these rules will be reported to and dealt with by the Disciplinary Officer.

DBS (formerly called CRB) Disclosure for Managers

At all HJL matches the person accompanying each team (Match Manager), who is responsible for running the match for that team, must have an Enhanced DBS Disclosure (formerly called CRB).

The Match Manager must be listed in the HJL Handbook or on the HJL website.

If the Match Manager is not available to run the match then an appropriate adult, who holds an ECB Enhanced DBS Disclosure can be substituted.

To help with compliance, a match sheet must be completed for each game – see General Rules for all Competitions – rule 4.

Clubs will be given time to comply with this rule, but any team that does not have a checked Manager in place by 1st June is liable to be withdrawn from competition by the County Welfare Officer.