The Rules set out below are to be used in conjunction with the General Rules for Hertfordshire Junior Leagues.

The current Laws of Cricket shall apply except that: 

  1. U11/U12/U13/U14/U15/U16 & U17 matches shall be of one innings of 20 overs. It is strongly recommended to either start matches before 6pm or shorten their length in April/May to ensure they finish in adequate light. The Final of the U17 competition will be of one innings of 40 overs duration unless mutually agreed. Playing conditions can be agreed by the League controller in conjunction with the Managers of the teams participating in the final.
  2. No player may bowl more than four overs in a 20 over game or the same proportion in a curtailed match;
  3. No player may bowl more than eight overs in an U17 40 over game or the same proportion in a curtailed match; Each bowler may bowl a maximum of 4 overs in any one spell and must wait until the same number of overs have been bowled at that end before they can bowl again. This is applicable to all bowlers, not just fast bowlers.
  4. A player cannot begin the game and then leave when other late players arrive as he/she has become part of the full side.
  5. For U12/U13 and below matches when a batsman reaches the personal total of 30 runs he must retire and may not return. The batsman may remain at the wicket if there is only 1 wicket left to fall and they may bat on until overs are completed or they or the other batsman is dismissed. For U14 & U15 the personal total will be 40 runs. For U16 & U17 there will be no retirement.
  6. Minimum distance for fielders: No fielder at U15/16 level, except the wicket keeper, shall be allowed to field nearer than 8 yards, measured from the middle stump of the strikers wicket except behind the wicket on the offside. At any age group Under 14 and below the distance is increased to 11 yards.
  7. League points: League points shall be awarded thus: 
    • 30 points for a win.
    For the purpose of these leagues there will be no drawn games. In the event of a tie the team losing the least number of wickets in the game shall be declared the winner.
    • If in a tie if both teams lose the same number of wickets, 20 points will be awarded to each team.
    Abandoned and incomplete matches or matches not started due to inclement weather: 
    • 10 points will be awarded to each team
    Match conceded:
    • 30 points to the opposing team
    Bonus Points for losing teams:
    • Batting: 1 point for every 10 runs scored - Max 10.
    • Bowling: 1 point for every wicket taken – Max 10.