The General Rules and Laws of Cricket shall apply with the following exceptions: 

  1. Team numbers: Each team shall comprise of 10 players. In the Girls’ U13 matches, if a team has less than 10 players then both sides should attempt to find a mutually agreeable number of players and play a reduced match. For example: if both teams have 8 players then an 8-a-side match should be played.
  2. Match duration: Each game shall consist of one innings per side. Each innings shall be of 20 overs duration (or a reduced number of overs if necessary). Wides and no balls will score two penalty runs but no extra ball will be bowled. This includes the last over of each innings.
  3. Batting: The batting side shall be divided into pairs. Each pair shall bat for 4 overs. Pairs shall change at the end of the 4th, 8th, 12th and 16th overs.
  4. Scoring: Each team shall commence its innings with a score of TWO HUNDRED RUNS. Batters shall have unlimited "lives" but each "life/wicket" shall result in 5 runs being deducted from the total. Batters shall change ends at the fall of each wicket except on the last ball of an over.
  5. Bowling: Each player on the fielding side MUST bowl, with the exception of wicket keeper. No player shall bowl more than 3 overs (4 overs in a 20 over game). Wicket keepers may bowl under the normal overs rule.
  6. Winning the match: The winning team shall be the side scoring the higher number of runs after deductions for the fall of wickets. If the net scores are level the match will be declared a tie.
  7. Minimum distance for fielders: In ALL matches no fielder, except the wicket keeper, shall be allowed to field nearer than 11 yards, measured from the strikers middle stump.
  8. Substitutes: In accordance with the Laws of the Game a substitute shall be allowed to take the place of an injured player.
  9. League Points: League points shall be awarded thus:
    • 30 points for a win.
    • 20 points for a tie when the net scores are level
    Abandoned and incomplete matches or matches not started due to inclement weather:
    • 10 points will be awarded to each team
    Match conceded: 
    • 30 points to the opposing team
    Bonus points for losing teams:
    • Batting:1 point for every 10 runs scored over 180 runs - Max 10
    • Bowling:1 point for every 1 wickets taken – Max 10 points
  10. If in a Girls’ U13 match, by agreement of both sides, an 11-a-side match is to be played then the rules for the ECB National U13 competition shall be applied