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2021 Season - weather disruption update

May 27th, 2021

The HJL committee met on Wednesday evening to discuss the fixture backlog caused by the recent wet weather. The league controllers were able to give their insight into the number of fixtures lost/rearranged and eventually it was agreed that, with the forecast improving, there was enough time left for clubs to reschedule matches and to keep the Finals Day on Sunday 18th July.
We would now urge teams to rearrange lost matches as soon as possible and to inform the League Controller of the new dates for these fixtures.
This may mean some clubs with a large number of teams will struggle, but please bear in mind that B league and U9 matches have no Finals Day and can be rescheduled for any dates during the summer. It may be worth using current B league and U9 fixture dates to get the A league fixtures played. U9 fixtures can also be played on the outfield which may allow another age group to play at the same time on larger grounds.
The league rules state that fixtures scheduled before half term that are cancelled or abandoned due to the weather should be rescheduled with the home club offering two dates and the away team accepting one of them. If both teams agree that they do not want to reschedule then the match will be entered as Cancelled and teams will get 10 points.
Please note that clubs being unable to raise a team does NOT mean there is an obligation to reschedule and under league rules it is legitimate for the opposition to claim the points in such cases.
Quarter Finals will be played in the week commencing 11th July 2021 and the semi finals and finals will be held on Sunday 18th July. In the event of bad weather on Finals Day the procedure will be as follows.   NOTE: If Herts U15’s representatives make it passed Bucks in the 1st round of the Nationals, the 2ndround of that competition is July 18th. The Nationals do not affect the U13’s.
If both semi finals are played but not the final - the two finalists will arrange a date for the final in the following week (ie 19th-25th July) at one of their grounds or, if unavailable, a neutral ground.
If the semi finals and final are not played - the clubs involved will arrange their semi finals to be played up to and including Friday 24th July. The higher seeded team will be at home and offer two dates to the opposition, who must accept one of them. If this proves difficult the match could be switched to the away team.
The Final will be played on Sunday 25th July at the home ground of the higher seeded team. If that ground is unavailable then it can be played at the ground of the other finalist. If that ground is also unavailable a neutral ground should be sought with the help of the League Controller.
In the unlikely event that the whole Quarter Final week is washed out, the HJL Committee will meet to decide the course of action.
Following the decision above, the Summer Leagues will be going ahead and there will be a further email to Club Junior Organisers that will be sent during half term asking for entries. Please look out for this email in the coming days.
I’d like to thank all Junior Organisers and Team Managers for their efforts in this uniquely challenging season and hope that with goodwill and fair weather that the season will come to a satisfactory conclusion.

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