First game of 2021 season:
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ECB Guidance for Recreational Cricket Matches

April 14th, 2021

The ECB, in accordance with Government/Department of Media, Culture and Sport advice, have issued the following guidance for all recreational cricket, which the Hertfordshire Junior League committee endorses and recommends all Clubs make every effort to follow for junior games in 2021:

  • Car sharing should be avoided where at all possible;
  • All players must remain socially distanced, (at least 2 metres), at all times, including post-wicket celebrations;
  • Only exception to the above is where a player is fielding at slip;
  • Batsmen MUST run on opposite sides of the wicket;
  • No sweat or saliva may be applied to a match ball under any circumstances;
  • Hygiene breaks should take place after every SIX overs or TWENTY minutes, whereby the ball is to be cleaned with sanitising gel;
  • The match ball should go straight from the wicket keeper to the bowler;
  • Bowlers and all players should place no longer required caps/hats, jumpers, glasses etc. at the boundary edge.
Please note that report and continued breech of the above may lead to disciplinary action having to be taken against your Club.

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