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Return to recreational cricket - guidelines

July 11th, 2020

The Government and the ECB have given recreational cricket the go-ahead!
However, and as already communicated, the Saracens Hertfordshire Junior Leagues have decided NOT to run “league” matches or age-group competitions this year given the effects of the pandemic and the fact it is already so late in the summer. The good news though is that now the attached guidelines have officially been released, Clubs are free to arrange localised friendlies amongst themselves.
The SHJL Committee request that ALL junior organisers forward this email and it’s attachments to ALL team managers organisers and make sure you have their buy-in that they, and the juniors under their management will abide by these guidelines in full. We would however draw you attention to the following in particular:
Travel to and from games: More detailed information can be found via the following link:
Track and Trace: The ECB and Hertfordshire Cricket Limited, (our County Board), have stated that this, (and sanitisation below), are probably the two most critical guidelines that MUST be followed. It is the HOME teams responsibility to keep a list of all players and team managers, (home and away), involved in any junior game. This list MUST be held for a minimum of 21 days and provided to the County’s Junior Welfare Officer should any player, or any players parent or immediate family, contract Covid-19 within 14 days of a game being played. Whilst it is preferable that a list of all parents attending a game also be kept, other Leagues around the country believe it possible to contact a players parents in the event of either a player or a parent contracting the disease.
Hygiene/Sanitisation: No sweat or saliva should be applied to the ball at any time. At the end of each 6-over or 20 minute period, whichever is the sooner, all players shall sanitise their hands with anti-bacterial gel. The ball should also be cleaned by the home team captain with an anti-bacterial wipe. For games involving U13 players and below, the SHJL committee recommends that the home team umpire or team manager be responsible for cleaning the match-ball in accordance with the attached ECB guidelines.   
Social Distancing: must be maintained by players and their parents at all times.
Running Lines: Non-striking batsmen MUST run singles outside distinct running lines – SHJL recommend the use of “discs” as opposed to actually white markings on the square.
We would also like all junior organisers to be aware of the following which was communicated to all Clubs around the Country by the ECB on Wednesday:
It is very important that all Clubs recognise that cricket is the first recreational team sport that the Government has allowed to start during the current pandemic and, as such, we are in a privileged position. The guidelines, which are extensive and detailed, must be stringently followed by all recreational cricket clubs. We need to set an example and show the Government and the wider public that with care and adherence to these new rules, we can run successful and competitive cricket. If Government guidelines are not followed or in any way lead to an increase in new infections, cricket, (and indeed any other team sports), will be shut down immediately. All Club Chairmen are being asked to ensure the attachments to this email are read thoroughly and that they make sure all club members are familiar with how the game will be run, how clubs can be adapted to comply with the requirements handed down by the ECB, and what measures are necessary to keep their members and visitors safe. The ECB do not want to be taken to task for not following the rules, and although some may question the need for every particular requirement, we must follow them to the letter.
Finally, we wish you all a very safe, enjoyable and successful cricket season.

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