Hertfordshire Junior Leagues


Since the Rule changes were agreed at the Annual General Meeting, the ECB has issued further guidance on some aspects of the new Laws. The committee has decided to amend the General Rules for All Competitions.

New rule:

Tethered bails
Tethered bails are allowed in all HJL matches providing that this agreed by both coaches.

Updated rule:

The Law relating to high non-pitching deliveries has changed as follows:

41.7.1 Any delivery, which passes or would have passed, without pitching, above waist height of the striker standing upright at the popping crease, is to be deemed dangerous and unfair, whether or not it is likely to inflict physical injury on the striker.  If the bowler bowls such a delivery the umpire shall immediately call and signal No ball. When the ball is dead, the umpire shall caution the bowler, indicating that this is a first and final warning. The umpire shall also inform the other umpire, the captain of the fielding side and the batsmen of what has occurred. This caution shall apply to that bowler throughout the innings.

41.7.2 Should there be any further such delivery by the same bowler in that innings, the umpire shall

- call and signal No ball

- when the ball is dead, direct the captain of the fielding side to suspend the bowler immediately from bowling

- inform the other umpire for the reason for this action.

The bowler thus suspended shall not be allowed to bowl again in that innings.”

The league has amended this Law as follows:

  1. In the U17 Competition the Law stands as written
  2. In the U13, U14 & U15, girls and boys, A & B leagues, the Law stands as written except that there will be two warnings before the bowler is removed instead of one.
  3. In the U10, U11 & U12 hard ball competitions and all incrediball competitions, only a no ball will be signalled, and no warnings issued or bowlers removed.

New rule:

No Balls
For all competitions in the age groups U12 and below a delivery may bounce twice before reaching the popping crease without being called a No Ball. For U13 and above, Law 21.7 will be applied and any ball bouncing more than once before reaching the popping crease will be called a No Ball.

New rule:

Player behaviour
The sanction of removing a player for a set period of time in Law 42 will not be available in the Herts Junior League. Please see paragraph 25 below for circumstances when a player may need to be removed from the field of play.

The rules on the site have been updated appropriately and can be viewed here: Rules