First game of 2022 season:
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HJL100 Score Sheet

For those looking for an HJL100 scoresheet, we have one on the site to download here:


Rules clarification for the HJL100


In HJL100 matches (U9, U10, U11B, U11 Girls, U13 Girls) batters shall change ends after every 5 balls.


Team Contacts

The contact details for Teams are located on "Tables" page for each division.

Select your division from the "Tables" dropdown menu and scroll down to find the relevant information.


League Controllers 2022

League Controllers are your first point of contact for queries and information.

The 2022 League Controllers are listed below.


Safeguarding and Match Sheets

The Junior League season will shortly commence and I just wanted to remind you all that for 2022 onwards, it is necessary for the home club to supply a completed Match Sheet to League Controller after the match.


League fixtures on Play-Cricket

All Herts Junior Leagues fixtures have been uploaded to Play-Cricket. 

There is no requirement for matches to be scored or results to be entered on Play-Cricket, but the fixtures are there should clubs wish to use the Play-Cricket app to score matches.

The league's Play-Cricket site is located here: 


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